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I am an artist working between drawing, painting, sculpture and textiles, interested in materials that are historically associated with class, gender and sexuality. I use ceramic, wood, fabric and paper to generate conversations, visual stories, and forms of reimagining in response to socio-political barriers.


My work attempts to explore the discomfort and awkwardness of inhabiting bodies, both biological and artificial, the history of bodily health, the human connection to clothing and costume, the notion of worship and religion, and our relationship with the more-than human sphere through the lens of class. Metamorphic, animalistic and anthropomorphic, drawings and sculptures stand as beings, residing within unsettling or idyllic spaces. Symbolism and archetypes thread through my work, influenced by intergenerational storytelling, my personal writing acts as a starting point for feelings and ideas, drawing on psychoanalysis, magical realism, science fiction and folklore.

Recent bodies of work focus on image-making, using paint, pencil and ink on paper, or sometimes sewing with textile and paper. I look to challenge conventional representations of the human, creature, and woman, restaging within queer spaces free from binaries. Embodying a reconnection to forgotten realms and ideas, I aim to move away from a visual escapism that numbs, but instead embraces complicated personal experiences around gender, dress, sexuality, health, ecology, technology and grief. The flat works weave together deeper connections between me and the characters, as well as develop a personal visual language, and draftsmanship. Paper works that reference religious iconography, are accompanied by sculpture and object, that act as suggestive offerings of ritual, and have become key to reading the imagery and narrative of the works.

newbridge bethany stead-156 copy.jpg
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