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I am an artist working between drawing, painting, and sculpture – sometimes animation, clothwork and writing. Interested in imagery, objects, and materials that are historically associated with class, gender and sexuality, I use clay, wood, fabric and paper to generate conversations, visual stories, and forms of escapism in response to societal barriers within our social system.


My drawings and sculptures stand as characters residing within imagined, unsettling or idyllic places from within a kind of peripheral space of the mind. Often playful, anthropomorphic, animalistic and sometimes sexualised, my works attempt to explore the uncomfortability and awkwardness of inhabiting a body, hinting towards the human relationship with clothing and costume. Symbolism and semiotics thread through my work, influenced by intergenerational storytelling and personal writing as a form of therapy, looking at animism, magical realism and folklore. In my wider practice, I occasionally work with local organisations and community groups to run tailored workshops and classes that make art and sculpture accessible and engaging, for audiences that are otherwise difficult to reach.


Recent bodies of work have focused more on image making, using paint, pencil and charcoal on paper, or sometimes sewing with fabric. These flat works weave together deeper connections between myself and the characters, as well as develop my visual language and draftsmanship. Old and new objects that accompany paper works act as suggestive offerings of unknown rituals or worship, and link to the imagery that they sit beside, images which have become key to reading the narratives that hold my practice together.  

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